It’s not enough to just stand and stare…

Beach Buddies has taken on one of the biggest challenges facing the world today – the pollution of the seas and beaches by millions of tonnes of plastic and marine litter.

In the Isle of Man we have found a realistic, workable and sustainable way of including everyone in keeping our beaches clean. We believe we have the cleanest beaches in Europe and have the most efficient beach cleaning organization in the world.

We have created a simple, low-cost and effective method of how to clean beaches, which is sustainable and can be used anywhere to change the world.

It is ordinary people of all ages who have dramatically changed the Isle of Man, and this can easily happen anywhere else in the world. All it takes is a few people to get together, take on a challenge close to home and show others what can be achieved.

It might seem a daunting prospect to begin with, but the results can be astonishing, and highly effective. Together, we can change the world. By doing nothing, we will never make any changes. It’s not enough to just stand and stare.

And the project can be considerably enhanced by support from sponsors to make this work. Beach Buddies calls on all companies, individuals and even families to think about sponsoring “Beach Buddy” bins to keep the world’s beaches clean. It doesn’t take huge amounts of money. Just a small amount will make a massive difference.

And this idea can easily extend to include parks, forests, plantations, footpaths, roadsides and all public areas.

You can help – everyone can help. It’s not enough to just stand and stare.