Thousands of baby wipes are polluting our beaches

ONE OF the biggest problems encountered on some of our beaches is the massive number of wet wipes and cotton buds we find.

We have been finding many thousands in recent years, caused by people dropping these items into the toilet. There is a simple rule – The 3 Ps Rule: the only things to go down the toilet should be Paper, Pee and Poo! Nothing else. And definitely not wet wipes and cotton buds.

The new sewage treatment plant at Ramsey is a fantastic example of how investment in infrastructure can make a huge difference.

Last winter we held an event on Ramsey beach and volunteers collected 7,500 wet wipes in 90 minutes. The new sewage treatment plant went online late in 2017.

We held an event there on March 10th 2018 and we found NO wet wipes! Fantastic. Plans are in hand to install a similar system in Peel – let’s hope this goes ahead as soon as possible.

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