A very special island in the Irish Sea

The Isle of Man is a special place, a very special place. But it is affected by marine litter probably more than anywhere else in the Irish Sea due to its position in the exact centre of Britain, half way between England and Ireland.

People who live in the Isle of Man are very proud of their island, and highly protective of their unique and beautiful environment. When it came to cleaning up our beaches we found thousands of people from the 84,000 population wanted to be involved.

Cleaning beaches, and other parts of our island, is now part of life in the Isle of Man for everyone.

And our determination to keep our island beautiful has now been officially recognised by UNESCO with the award in 2016 of Biosphere Reserve status, making the Isle of Man the only entire nation in the world to be given this unique honour.

This puts the Isle of Man on an equal footing with some of the most striking landscapes in the world, such as Yellowstone and the Rocky Mountains.

Beach Buddies is also honoured to be included in the Isle of Man Government’s new Biosphere Committee, created in early 2017.