Beach Buddy Bins – the key to success

Beach Buddies collects millions of items every year on the beaches of the Isle of Man. More than 8,000 different volunteers involved over the last five years have done a wonderful job, which continues.

However, we also know that we have an army of “unknown volunteers” who get involved by using the Beach Buddy Bins. If you go to a beach anywhere in the Isle of Man it’s almost impossible to avoid one of our bins which are placed at the access points to the shoreline.

All we ask is to “Fill a Bag and Make a Difference”. And the response has been amazing. Wherever we place a bin the beaches are cleaner than ever, and in some cases spotless.

The bins are expensive to buy, so we need sponsors to help our charity and keep the beaches free from litter.

To find out how to sponsor one of our bins send an email to [email protected]

Beach Buddies Bin Locations