Fill a bag and make a difference

You don’t need to attend any of our regular events to be a Beach Buddies’ volunteer. We appreciate that our regular weekend events don’t fit with everyone’s diary, especially as Sunday is such a busy family and sporting day.

However, it’s easy to be involved in your own way every time you go to the beach for a walk, or to exercise the dog. When you travel to the beach you will find one of our special Beach Buddy Bins usually in the car park alongside the beach. We empty the bins regularly and we encourage everyone to “fill a bag and make a difference.”

All we ask is that we all get involved by simply collecting maybe just one or two items in a plastic shopping bag you will find attached to the bin. We don’t collect driftwood or dead animals/birds, and we do not accept commercial waste materials. We do, however, accept dog waste bags. If there are no bags then please use one of your own, or you can help us by adding a few bags to the dispenser attached to the bin.