How to start your own beach cleaning group

Beach Buddies has created a very simple method to clean beaches, which can easily be followed. There are a few basics you need to get organised:

  • Get some friends together, even if it’s just two of you!
  • Choose a beach and collect a few bags of garbage – always use gloves.
  • Take photographs of the beach “before” and “after”.
  • Send the photographs and some words to the local media.
  • Tell people what you have done, using social media.
  • Organise a second event, perhaps somewhere different.
  • Keep statistics of the number of bags of trash you collect.
  • Tell your local authority / local politicians what you have done.
  • Organise another event… tell the media… organise another event…

We would be very happy to come along and help you set up a Beach Buddies volunteer group, and supply some basic equipment to get you started. Contact us by email: [email protected]