Leaving a legacy

Beach Buddies was created in 2007, and has achieved a great deal in that time, but it’s obvious that the problem of marine litter on the world’s beaches is not going to be solved overnight.

Together, the people of the world can make a very big impact on cleaning up all the beaches on the planet, but there are some parts of the world where this is clearly going to take a long time to alter the current culture and make long-lasting changes.

Beach Buddies has created a very low cost, efficient and sustainable system of keeping beaches free from rubbish.

One way to help in the future is to think about leaving a legacy in your name to help fund the growth in education in the world’s schools, and to provide a real solution to this problem.

No matter how much, your legacy WILL make a difference. We have shown that a highly effective method of cleaning beaches can be created at very low cost, simply by encouraging people to get involved in whatever way they can.

This can be either in a physical way – as a volunteer on the beaches – or as a sponsor of special Beach Buddy Bins, or by making a donation to keep local groups going; or by leaving a legacy which lasts long into the future.

• To find out how to help Beach Buddies, even with the smallest donation, please send an email to [email protected] or telephone 07624 496560