Schools are part of our team

Starting at the beginning of January 2017, schools across the Isle of Man have been getting closely involved with Beach Buddies, with talks in the schools and beach cleaning sessions across the Island.

The programme is designed to raise awareness amongst the Isle of Man’s children that the careless disposal of litter is causing a massive problem around the world, and that if they change their own habits they can make a positive contribution to the environment, wildlife and sea life.

Up to the start of the 2017-18 school term, more than 75% of the Isle of Man’s 35 schools have been visited by Beach Buddies, reaching more than 10,000 children. In addition, special events for schools have been hosted at beaches across the Island, with some schools now keen to “adopt” a chosen beach to clean regularly.

The scheme has been fully supported by the Isle of Man Government’s Department of Education & Children

It is intended that all other schools not so far visited will have been given a presentation by Beach Buddies by the end of 2017. The programme then begins again in January 2018 and has been such a major success that it is intended to be an ongoing part of the environmental awareness education curriculum for the future.

Beach Buddies also runs events for young people in groups such as Cubs, Scouts, Guides, Rainbows. Click here for more information.

Beach Buddies takes its message to Universities in America and beyond