Annual statistics

We have been keeping statistics since 2014, showing the number of items we collect annually on the beaches in the Isle of Man.

In 2017 we started keeping more detailed figures in conjunction with OSPAR (created in 1972 as part of the Oslo and Paris Conventions on protecting the marine environment). The Isle of Man is one of 16 governments around the North East Atlantic involved in the OSPAR programme.

2014:      224 volunteer sessions    –   1.8 million items

2015:      257 volunteer sessions     –   1.9 million items

2016:      288 volunteer sessions.   –    2.4 million items

2017:      246 volunteer sessions     –   2.3 million items

Reports worldwide (The Times, November 2017) suggest that the amount of trash on beaches has been increasing, and during 2017 by 150%. In the Isle of Man our statistics show that we have actually reversed the trend, and have seen a reduction in the amount of trash. It proves that we have a system which could work anywhere around the world.