Kind Words

Kind words . . .

“Beach Buddies is an excellent example of how the world can solve the problem of marine litter.” – Dr Han Qunli, Head of UNESCO Biosphere 2016

“Beach Buddies are doing a fantastic job for the Isle of Man and its people.” – Howard Quayle, Chief Minister 2017

“If just 1% of the population were to do what you have done it would solve the problem very quickly. You have 10%. You are setting an example to the world.” Retd US Navy Rear Admiral Jon White, CEO of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership,Washington DC, USA (Oct  2017)

 “The Isle of Man has the cleanest beaches in Europe thanks to Beach Buddies”. Geoffrey Boot MHK, Minister for the Department of Environment Fisheries and Agriculture”. (Nov 2017).

“Beach Buddies deserves an award. A great initiative.” – Allan Bell, Chief Minister 2016

“Congratulations on all your achievements and progress with Beach Buddies.” – Alfred Cannan, Treasury Minister 2017

“I do appreciate everything that your volunteers do for our environment.” – Eddie Teare, Treasury Minister 2016

“Many, many thanks for all you do. Massive credit to the Isle of Man.” – Laurence Skelly, Minister DED.

“I congratulate you on your efforts – your work is very much appreciated.” – Phil Gawne, Minister DoI 2015

“I use Beach Buddies frequently as an example of people selflessly doing the right thing, because they care and choose to take action rather than expect others to do everything.” – John Shimmin, Minister for Reform 2015

“May I congratulate Beach Buddies for all the great work you have done and will hopefully continue to do.” – Tim Crookall, MLC.

“Beach Buddies is doing a great job; I just wish I had more time to help.” – Richard Ronan, Minister DEFA 2016.

“Beach Buddies does a fantastic job.” – Juan Owens, Zurich International.

“We’ve been following your adventures and are looking forward to coming along again to give our support.” – Lynne Corlett, Santander Isle of Man.

“Thank you very much for getting in touch and for your kind words. It is us that will be thanking you rather than the other way round! We were very impressed with the hard work and many have commented on how clean the Show eld was. I will be writing a letter of thanks with a small donation to your funds as soon as payment is arranged. I hope this will go some way to supporting your excellent cause!” – Sarah Comish, Secretary, Southern District Agricultural Society

“Thank you so much for the trip to Port Grenaugh! Hard to say who enjoyed it more – students or staff!!” – Caroline Appleton, Isle of Man College.

“To see the months of work come together on Friday and Saturday was a fantastic feeling. That said, the show doesn’t happen without volunteers like Beach Buddies. The Show Field looks amazing; you and your team have worked hard to make it look like this. Please pass on our thanks to each and every one of you who was involved in the clean-up”. – Carol Kennaugh, Secretary, Royal Manx Agricultural Society.

“Our team really enjoyed the experience and I am sure we will be back.” – Sandra Corrigan, Bibby Ship Management.

“The beach clean was great fun and the kids loved it.” – Leanne and Robert Urwin.

“This has been a really worthwhile activity for the students.” – Dave Callaghan, St Ninian’s Lower School.

“I wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for helping to make the Big Beach Clean-up happen again this year.” – Lizzie Prior, Marine Conservation Society.

“Thanks to Beach Buddies for their great work.” – Conister Bank.

“Beach Buddies are doing a fantastic job and have motivated loads of people to get involved !” – David Cretney MLC

“It is past the time when I should be congratulating you for the enormous and continuing effort you have and are putting into this initiative.” – Chris Robertshaw MHK

“Keep up the good work – we can enjoy the Isle of Man even more because of Beach Buddies.” – Murray and Marie Lambden