Things we find on the beaches

The items we find on the beaches in the Isle of Man never cease to amaze us.

Televisions, freezers, bicycles, tyres, clothes, 100s of shoes, the occasional bank note, false teeth! And even a car!

But the most worrying are the tiny little items which appear innocent but which are killing seabirds and marine life.

Such as balloon ribbons, clear plastic bags (which turtles think are jellyfish), fishing line with hooks, and dozens of plastic barrels full of used engine oil which we believe are deliberately thrown overboard by commercial boats.

We collect everything, and recycle as much as we can.

But it would be better still if this stuff didn’t get into the sea in the first place, so we launched an education programme in the Isle of Man’s schools early in 2017, and it has been a fantastic success.

Click here to find out what’s been happening with Beach Buddies in the Isle of Man’s schools.